About Us


What is it about us that is so special? Let's Talk. ;)

 Seeka Decor's story began when tasked with a home remodel project which was to focus on a fresh and modern look. After visiting local stores brick and mortars, big box and online sites, there was a common theme noticed: cheap materials. Layers of paper or wood scraps try to imitate solid wood. The items were not protected and felt quite fragile. Although cute, the items were not meant to last through a home remodel, let alone for years.

That is when it was decided to create beautiful, handmade items with local materials and solid wood from forest responsible mills. Seeka Decor was born in 2016. Mike and Tera Svetlik created the small family-owned business located in the North Canton, Ohio area. 

From the product design to the shipping box, and every step in between, Seeka Decor completes it. 

We believe everyone should have access to beautiful items at reasonable prices. 

  • Member of the North Canton Chamber of Commerce
  • 2018 part of the Ebay Retail Revival Program
  • All items are handmade from solid wood
  • Wholesale opportunities are available
  • Book your Painting Party today!

That is the snap story about us, please contact us if we can help answer any questions. We are looking forward to hear from you.